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The Marrickville Collective


marrickville nsw

software skills

autocad, revit,

twinmotion, photoshop

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Project brief/

Design a 100p restaurant for zero-waste advocate Joost Bakker in the heart of Marrickville. The venue must have a secondary purpose along with a retail section.



With Joost's strong environmental beliefs in the forefront we focused on designing a multi use venue that blended in with its surrounds and community, to achieve this we decided on utilising the original building infrastructure to lessen the carbon footprint and drawing concept inspiration from his heritage tulip fields.

With the alignment of many factors, we have designed an environment fit for users for all three working parts; farm to table restaurant, ceramics retail outlet and mid-week horticultural educational evenings.  




Moving the venue towards a circular economy, we decided not to extend level 1 further across, instead installing solar hot water and electricity panels along the roof to gain from the natural elements. The addition of a 3m outdoor alfresco/educational area that runs along the building is a completely modular design; it can be transported and re-built at any stage if ever required. 

We utilised the existing indoor blockwork and concrete flooring. For the installation design elements and additional materials, we chose to work with sustainable manufacturers who have a close connection with their product and sourced materials.

Ground Render.jpg
Level 1 Render.jpg
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